Relaxation or wellness massages are not massages for medical or therapeutic purposes. Their goal is to relieve everyday tensions, reduce stress in the body, improve your well-being and relax.

Anyone who does not have a medical contraindication can receive a massage for well-being andrelaxation.

The Abhyanga massage

Duration Type of massage Price
Duration Type of massage Price
75 minutes Soft to moderate 60 €
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This ayurvedic traditional massage is a whole body massage that aims to deeply relax the body and mind.

When you receive this massage, you will give your body the ability to cleanse toxins and negative energies and recharge and rebalance into vital energy.
The work on the chakras allows to find a awareness of the body and the mind as well as a good confidence in oneself.

The balance between tonic and enveloping movements and slow and sustained moments contribute to a deep relaxation and easing of tensions.

This 1h15 massage is particulary recommended for seasonal changes or any other time when you feel you need to recharge your batteries effectively.

The massage « Détendu »

Duration Type of massage Price
Duration Type of massage Price
From 20 to 60 minutes Moderate to tonic De 25 à 50 €
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This massage fits you. You have a pain, a knot, an area that requires that you take care of it (neck, shoulders, back, legs, feet ...) : you choose the duration, the intensity, the mood music and then you let yourself go to the relaxation and well-being offered by this massage.

Access relaxation area

Duration Price
Duration Price
60 minutes 30 €
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Multiply your relaxation by enjoying the spa/jacuzzi, the sauna and the swimming pool (open from May to October and depending on the weather) for 1 hour before your wellness massage.

To benefit from it, think of contacting me after having reserved your relaxing massage and at least the day before.

Access to the relaxation area is only possible if you have booked a massage.

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